TwistShake // Collaboration

Hello! It's been a while since we've done a blog post. I wanted to share with you this new product that was sent to me from TwistShake. I was really surprised how nice the packing was and how quickly it got here. Shipping only took three days! Overall the TwistShake has provided a great product. Parker loves! 

 Love how minimal and sleek the bottle looks. 

Love how minimal and sleek the bottle looks. 


The TwistShake bottle is over all is easy to clean and can also hold little fruit snacks or formula in the little container that it comes with. 


Anti-Colic 260 ml / 8 oz

All TwistShakes are BPA-Free and did I mention the have a Pastel Collection out! 

You can get Parker's Beige Bottle Here.

 TwistShake was so kind and gave me a coupon code you can use toward your purchase! Free Shipping over $25 within the US!

TwistShake was so kind and gave me a coupon code you can use toward your purchase! Free Shipping over $25 within the US!

Coupon Code: ashleyarden20


"I received this product complimentary from TwistShake"

Till Next Time, XOXO

Matching Kicks

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share a couple of photos of the kids in there new shoes! Since Vans are super trendy right now, I thought how adorable would it be if they both had the same shoes. (insert cheesy mom smile) Check out the photos below how I styled them.  Hope you guys enjoy! 

Tank Top & Shorts - Oldnavy

Shirt: Macy's & Shorts: Target

Rain Rain Come My Way


Everyone knows April showers brings May flowers and lately it's been more showers than flowers. I've been eyeing a couple of rain coats at Target and finally this pretty little number went on sale! Love how it's see-through and light weight! Total cost of the whole outfit: $18! Here are a couple of pictures of how I styled it.  

Ladybug Raincoat! Shop here. && Pink Rain boots HERE

Till next time, XOXO The Baby Pilgrims

Look FAB in the SUN!

Summer has already arrived here in Texas and we couldn't wait to pull out the new swimsuits! If you're on a budget like me, Target is the best place to find adorable swimsuits. Also, I couldn't resist getting matching swimsuits for these two! Who doesn't love cactuses?! Here's a little recap of our Saturday at the pool! 


 You can get Penelope's Swimsuit here!


Hair: Braided crown // Let me know if you want to see all Penelope's go-to hairstyles! 


Who doesn't love baby rolls?! You can get Parker's swim trunks and hat here!  

If you need more sun protection you can click here for the matching top


Till next time, xoxo The baby Pilgrims

Flower Power

Hey Guys!

Many of you may know that Penelope's outfit depends on her mood (check the first blog post if you haven't already). So, down below I have styled two cute outfits for days when your toddler wants to dress like little Miss. Priss or a Chic Tomboy. 

Old Navy is my go-to store now for the kids! EVERYTHING on her body is from there! Here are the links for everything styled above. 

Till next time, xoxo The baby pilgrims

Simple Yet Stylish

Taking care of two kids is not an easy job. You have to make sure you pack the diapers for both babies ( a couple of times Parker had to wear Penny's because yo girl has the MOM BRAINS) formula, wipes, and all the other amazing accessories that belong in the diaper bag. So whenever it comes to the clothes, YOU have to make it functional enough where dad can easily change a poopie diaper or run your toddler to the nearest potty. 

Here are some easy style tips:


Rompers are my go-to outfits for both kids when we're out running errands. Simple yet stylish! For example Penelope's outfit is not only a romper but also looks like a dress. The bottom half flares out and gives it a nice pizzazz! Shop the look here.   

Shorts & Shirt 

Now Parker is a different story. My boy can already wear 12 months clothes at only 5 months old! Instead of me trying to keep up with a free spirit toddler running around, putting on a onesie and clipping those tiny buttons on. Shorts and a shirt works perfectly for Parks! You can find his shirt here & shorts here


The MANY faces of Penelope Marie

Cue in "Awe" moment!!

Parker Grey is 80% chunky and 20% sweetness. But on a serious note, doesn't he remind you of the kid Chunks off of the Goonies movie!? Am i right? 

 Shoes: Old Navy --> This style sold out, BUT you can still get a similar style  here . Quick selling out so fast!!!

Shoes: Old Navy --> This style sold out, BUT you can still get a similar style here. Quick selling out so fast!!!

Into The Wild // Penny OOTD

Penelope's style lately has been changing these past few weeks. As I'm starting to see her grow into her own personality, i thought, She needs a updated wardrobe. She LOVES being outdoors now, unless she see's a bee (any kind of bug with wings) then she has a panic attack. Don't worry! I'll be sharing a couple "bug" stories soon.

Now, lets get on with the ootd. Converse is her new go to shoe when it comes to the outdoors. Easy to step on bugs and to match daddy of course. Her shorts and shirt I kept simple because it's all about the accessories! I bought a couple of bandanas for the rodeo a couple of weeks ago and I was quite surprised she wanted to wear them. As soon as I put it it on her I wanted to enroll her into girl scouts! As parents we always want the best for our child. I want her to enjoy every aspect life to the fullest. I WILL be that mom who's screaming on the benches at sport events or the crazy mom with the video camera documenting every dance recital. Anything you want Penelope Mama and Dada are here to support you. 



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