Mother's Day at Montrose Studios

Mother, Mama, Mamí, Momma, and, Mom. 

This is my third year celebrating Mother's day with my kids. As each year passes, my heart becomes more tender towards every Mom out there. Being a "MOM" is big title to own. I'm still trying to get a hang of this mom thing. lol I may post cute pictures showing I got it all down but, if i'm being honest, I don't. 80% of the time I'm either stressed out or paranoid that my kids are going to break a bone one day, on how aggressive they're with each other. lol

With being a mother, we're faced with obstacles in life with raising our kid(s). And, for me, I want to make sure my kids know everyday I love them. I would do ANYTHING for them. I want them to know that, yes, Mama may have a few brake downs here and there but, no matter what the situation is, I love them unconditionally. I just want you to know, whatever you're challenged with that day, know that you created a beautiful little human. You're strong, You're worthy and You're a GOOD MOTHER. 

I love each and every one of you guys. Always know that i'm here to listen or if you need a virtual arm to cry on. lol I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's day! 

Now let's talk about Montrose Studios!


If you live in the Houston area, You should look up The Montrose Studios! I found them on instagram one day when I was looking for studios to shoot at. It's the perfect place to take BOMB instagram photos or for a great photo session. 

I've been telling Chris about this place for awhile now, and he so happened to take me there for my birthday/Mother's day gift! The Montrose studio was so kind to open up the studio for Free for Mother's and they even had desserts! 

Hands down our favorite room was the confetti display

You can find our more about the details on their website on how to book a session there. We also made a Vlog being there! You can watch it HERE!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's day and Thank you for all the Birthday wishes :)


May 10, 1993 // 25

Hey guys, today is my 25th birthday! Wow, lets just take a moment of silence. lol I can't believe i'm 25! As of right now, age doesn't bother me too much. Thanks to my mom and grandmother for great skin lol I can still sneak by saying i'm a teenager. Wooohh! But, I thought, since it's my birthday, why not share a couple of things about me. 

Thank you all for the Happy Birthday's and Well Wishes :) and Thank you for following my journey! Love you guys!



  1.  My metabolism is slowing down. Yay me, I can no longer eat whatever I want. 

  2. Cheaper Insurance for me! ( It better be huge difference! ) 

  3. I thought about this for awhile and, I'm ok with having two kids. I'm really lucky gal to have my two littles. 

  4. I want to go to Italy or Paris. I've never been out of the country. 

  5. I'm starting to become a huge fan of trousers. My little collection is starting to grow. :)

  6. Let's be honest, when becoming a mom, you have to accept the grey hairs. Today, I found 5 and thats ok. 

  7. I have a horrible habit of biting my nails. Help me. 

  8. I'm super shy when it comes to pictures or talking in front of a camera lol It took me awhile until I got comfortable taking pictures in front of my husband lol

  9. Goal I would like to accomplish is to make an EP album with my husband. 

  10. HATE Movie theaters. I don't like someone being behind or in front of me, I like to know my surroundings. 

  11. I huge snacker. I can eat snacks all day. lol

  12. I love Cardi B. 

  13. I have horrible road rage. 

  14. I can be a little blunt towards my family lol

  15. I saw Kim Kardashian when she was with Kris Humphrey's. 

  16. I have naturally straight hair. 

  17. When i'm nervous, I start rambling. 

  18. I'm not much of a drinker. I don't like the way beer smells or have any interest in it. 

  19. I used to have a whole shoe collection of heels and now its sneakers. 

  20. I asked for a buzz lightyear toy from Disneyland for a birthday present lol

  21. I was 21 and pregnant lol

  22.  Sabritones  Chile Chicharron are my new favorites. 

  23. At 23,I found out I was pregnant with Number 2. Oops

  24. Went to Austin on 6th street for my 24th birthday to see what I was missing out on. Nothing Much. lol I was super annoyed by all the drunk people lol

  25. Wow. I. Turned. 25. 


Stay Cozy with Kin Ship Goods

What does staying cozy mean to you?

Urban Dictionary Definition of Cozy: when you're dressed fresh to death, or when you have on designer brands; lavish; living with mad money or stunting;

Hey guys! I don't know about you, but when I find a graphic tee that can be for guys and girls, I get super excited! Chris and I had the honor to collaborate with Kin Ship Goods and show you how we both style their tee's. 

Seriously you guys, who has seen a cool avocado t-shirt? The vibrant colors and details are eye catching. Chris paired his shirt with black pants and his Yeezy inspired shoes. But let's be honest, are these shirts cozy and comfy? YESSSSSS! The graphic tee's are not only soft but they're lightweight. We live in Houston, the weather here can either be super humid or crazy hot. I know for sure we'll both be reaching for these shirts all summer! For my outfit, i've been loving the high-waisted trend and this Hard Feelings tee really brings out the edgy look I was going for. 


What I love most about this brand is that it's so universal. Every shirt they have can be for anyone and the sizing starts from x-small to 3x! 

Chris is wearing "Here for a good time not a long time" tee which honestly, sounds so like him! lol This soft white graphic tee was paired with the same black joggers with his neon bright sneakers. 

When I found this "Forever worried club" shirt, I nearly almost died of laughter! lol If you met me in person, you would know how paranoid I am about everything. Personally, I think everyone should be aware of your surroundings. I think Kin ship said it perfectly "Maybe you worry about if you're too quiet. Or, if you're too loud. Or, if everyone thinks you're the worst (you're not.) Or, if you turned the oven off. Or, if you said something stupid (who hasn't?) Or, if your car is going to start. Or, if the world's gone crazy? Or, if any of this is even real? Oh boy, this shirt is for you" By far this is shirt is my favorite! Come join the club :) 


"Our goods are inspired by starry nights, peeling paint, vintage keepsakes, imperfections, labors of love, and early mornings." 

Alright you guys, you thought the avocado was cool, don't worry fam! If your a eggie lover, Kin Ship gots you covered! The Simple Things Egg Tee is not only a conversation starter but you can also dress with up with a beige fishermen hat! The possibility's are endless when styling their shirts. 

The FireFly tee reminded me so much of my childhood. I remember going to the drive in's and catching all the fireflys before the movie started. Another staple item that hold so dear to my heart. 

What also sold us about the brand, is that it gives off this rustic/roll-n-roll vintage vibe. Chris is wearing the "I'll Never get out of this world alive" and it honestly looks so vintage! Their attention to detail in a shirt makes you feel like it was made for you.  

Did I also mention, Kin Ship Goods sell other incredible items?! I got this cute Baggu Orange tree bag from there accessories section. You can easily style this with one of the shirts from Kin Ship or take it to the grocery store to hold your food! 

With all that being said, You need to go check this amazing brand. I know i'll be purchasing more from them. :)

Until next time xoxo,

The Young Pilgrims


What's In My Camera Bag?!

Hey Guys! 

Thank you for stoping by and taking time to read this blog post! If you didn't know, I do photography on the side. I was doing it as a hobby and then all of a sudden, I was getting booked almost every other weekend. I don't want to make this into a long story, so let's just say, I finally started growing up/acting more like an adult and made this into a business. 

I don't think of myself as professional photographer nor do I believe I know what I'm doing half the time lol BUT I do feel like i'm getting there. 

NOW! Let's start talking about what's in my camera bag!

  • Top: Canon 80D Camera
  • Business Cards 
  • Canon 50mm 1.2 Lens
  • Canon 24 - 70mm 2.8 Lens
  • Canon 10 - 18 Wide angle Lens
  • Two Memory Cars
  • Two Batteries 
  • Backpack (you can buy here)
  • Camera Strap / Not pictured ( You can buy here)

EOS Canon 80D 

  • I've had this camera for almost about a year and I LOVE this so much! This camera is worth the splurge and WORTH the investment. It has built in wifi to which i can send the photos straight to my phone, computer, etc.. 
  • Vari Angled Screen
  • Shoots 7.0 Fames a sec. 
  • Many more specifications you can read here!

What lens do you have?

About a couple of weeks ago, Chris, surprised me with two of my most wanted LENS! (You can watch it here on our vlog!)

For the record: I did not buy these lens full price or brand new. I got super lucky at the HOUSTON Camera Exchange and found these lens for a great price. 

I upgraded to the 50mm 1.2 ( I use to have the 1.8) and we also purchased the Canon 24 - 70mm.

These two lens are PERFECT for portraiture, street fashion, family photo's and many other things. I highly recommend these two lens! I've made some incredible content so far and I can't wait to see how far I can go with these. 

Here are a couple of example photo's I've taken with these lens. 

Memory Cards

TWO MEMORY CARDS or more is VERY much needed! I don't know how many times i've either lost them or forgotten one at home! I got mine during cyber monday for only $9 dollars each! 



I have one canon and one off-brand battery BECAUSE I've learned two is better than one! Another trail and error on my part lol I went to a photoshoot with only one bar and I was stressed out the entire time. (I got the session done, If you wanted to know) I went straight to amazon and bought myself another battery! 

Business Cards

First time ever getting business cards and I got mine from Zazzle! When I would go do a session for a birthday party, I never thought someone would ask me for a business card lol Trial in error folks! (I told you I didn't know what I was doing) lol Chris finally told me "I just bought you business cards, now you don't have an excuse to not get them" lol

Mother's Are Magic // Pretty Good Mother // The MotherHood Club // Bea & Mae // Purchase here

Invest In Yourself!

 Photographed by: Elisabeth Eden 

Photographed by: Elisabeth Eden 

All of this did not happen over night. It took a lot of sessions and SAVING. (hate that word lol) Investing in your self is so important if you want to succeed. I hope this little post helped you guys or get an idea of what I work with. If you guys have any questions, Please Please Please message me :)



Unique Watch For Men - JORD Collaboration

Happy Friday, everyone! Who's ready to start the weekend of with a GIVEAWAY?! If you're anything like me, I love to plan ahead and start getting ideas of what I would want to get my man for Valentine's day.

I have been searching EVERY WHERE to find the perfect unique gift that he would not only cherish, but to have something for a really long time. So when I came across this beautiful wood watch, I knew this would be a GREAT gift for my hubby. 


Chris's style is very minimal with basic key pieces that he can wear throughout the whole year.  When I received the Hyde JORD  watch it was the PERFECT staple piece for Chris wardrobe. The richness in color is beautiful and I love how light weight it feels on the wrist. 

When I gifted him the watch he was surprised on how nice the fit was and how easily it can go with anything, you can dress this up or down. Not only can your man wear this, but you as well!  Ladies, I promise this is a timely piece that you can also wear yourself. For sure I'll be styling this watch as well!  


Now, Let's talk about this amazing GIVEAWAY! I've teamed up with JORD Wood Watch to GIVEAWAY a $100 E GIFT Code towards any amazing JORD watch. Also! Everyone who enters will win a 10 % off e-gift card!!!! So no reason not to try, right? All you have to do is click the button below to enter! 

The Giveaway will close January 21st at 11:59 p.m.

*The $100 and 10% Gift Codes will expire February 4th,2018.*


Montrose / Westheimer Thrifting Day

Hey Guys!

I know it's been a while, but we've had our hands full with vlogging! Here are a few pictures of us in the Montrose area with some awesome murals. Thank you for checking out our blog and make sure to check out our  Youtube channel for more details! We did a mini haul of what we found while thrifting and show you a small insight of our weekend. Hope you enjoy!

This. Is. US. 



Museum Of Fine Arts, Houston / Sister Dates Edition 1


In case you didn't know, every Thursday some of the museums in downtown Houston are free! (double check the museum hours before going) Sadly, you do have to pay for the Exhibits but the rest of the museum is FREE! Me and my sister have been both wanting to see the "Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest , Worry Will Vanish" and the "Ron Mueck" Exhibitions. While my sister was ready to see them all, I only had time for one. (Babysitter/ Grandmother gave me 2 hours) 

I highly recommend seeing the Pixel Forest! So much beauty and color! It was hard not to take couple of snapshots! Hope you guys enjoy!

Date Night // +1 Edition

Hey guys!

Any time a opportunity arises for a possible date night, we take it. This time one of the kids went to the grandparents and the other one stayed with us. So we took a couple of snapshots of what we wore and even recorded a short montage of our night out. Hope you enjoy this date night edition with our plus one. 

Off the Shoulder Gingham Dress: Shop Here

Video of our date night with our plus one. 

Firmoo Glasses // Accessories Edition


Today we're going to talk about glasses! I'm new to the four-eyed club, its just one of the many perks you receive once having a child. Now, glasses are my favorite accessory. Why? Because I believe they are what pulls the whole outfit together and I'm addicted to buying them! If you are interested on how to purchase glasses without breaking the budget and look fabulous at the same time, stick around! I will cover all the basics you need to know.  

Where are they from? I get this question A LOT! So much in fact I knew I needed to make a blog post about it. The first time I bought glasses I really didn't do any research. I coughed up a lot of money for some Guess glasses that are now collecting dust! To be honest, at the time I didn't even know these websites of affordable glasses existed. The Doc told me I couldn't drive without buying a pair. (insert eye roll now) 

Now that we got the back story out of the way. Let's begin the questions. 

Where did you buy your new pair of glasses? It's an online website called Firmoo

Are they the real deal? YES!!!!! This is my 2nd time purchasing them and really impressed with the quality and shipping time. 

How did you try them on if they are an online store? If we are being honest, I was really nervous about this part. When you select the glasses you like, on the left hand side they have a "try on" button you can click. Upload your most recent picture or take one with your camera. 

Do they just carry prescribed? No! They have perception, progressive, bifocal, you name it! Just click the blue tab that says "select lenses" and there you will see the different options. 

How much do the glasses cost? It depends on the frames but the highest is $39 and the lowest is $19. (without the prescription added)

Back in January I bought two other glasses from FIRMOO and they are still holding up nicely! (Way better than my Guess glasses that cost me $$$.) 

The total I spent for both glasses were $46.84! (say what?!) 

Want the Rose Gold Glasses? Click here!

Want the Black and clear Glasses? click here!

Give them a try! You won't be disappointed! 

Till next time, xoxo

Cinco De Mayo // 2017

Hola & ¡Feliz Cinco De Mayo! 

Hey guys, Happy Cinco De mayo! Whether or not you decide to stay in with family singing La Cucaracha song (which i'll be doing) or meet up with some friends for chips and salsa. I've got the PERFECT dresses for both occasions.

Sadly, this dress is out of stock. But fear not! I found a couple dresses under $50 from my favorite brands. 

  • Zara: Embroidered Striped Dress is to DIE for! I can see myself walking on the beach with dress beautiful airy dress.
  • Nordstrom: Lush Floral Popover Dress Floral will never go out of style. If you want to keep simple, but still be a show stopper, this dress is for you! 
  • A'gaci: Shirt dresses are making a statement this year and I can't wait to get my hands on this pretty little number. 

Date Night // Casual Edition

Hey Guys!

We always try to make Friday nights “Date Night”. Whether it’s going to the movies or grabbing some dessert. We like to stay casual and most importantly be comfortable.  So we wanted to share our latest finds from our favorite stores. Hope you guys enjoy!

Chris's Shoes: Tan Weave Lace Up & Ashley's Shoes: Espadrille Sandal

Black is the great staple to have in your closet. I would consider it a neutral color that can go with anything. If I could pick one favorite item I'm wearing it would have to be my Topman loafers. They can easily dress up any causal outfit. 

Top:  Black Cactus Graphic Tee & Bottom: Similar Style Here

Being casual doesn't always mean to be laid back. For starters, Throwing on a simple graphic tee and adding this cute circle skirt can jazz up any outfit. 

Till next time, The young pilgrims

Look for Less // Under $50 At Forever21

Hello everybody! 

Welcome to our Lifestyle Blog! I'm bringing you a look for less under $50 with today's hottest trend, the OFF THE SHOULDER look! When it comes to trends/fads, I make sure I don't spend too much money on them. They tend to come and go, BUT this time I couldn't resist! Scroll down below to see how I styled my look and where to get it! 

IMG_5225 2.JPG

All About the Details 

I'm not a jewelry kinda gal (except for my wedding ring), so another wonderful trend that i'm on board with is the scarf/bandana look! I bought mine for only $5.90! 

Till next time, xoxo